Thursday, January 2, 2014


In all my dreams
I am the girl
awaiting the return
of her fathom,
Hawaiian lover
He comes to me
in the darkness of the night
and the smell of him
is like fresh Macadamia nuts
and I taste his tongue
tart like fresh Pineapple
sharp to the senses
He enters my body
of my dreams
his black curly hair
massed on his forehead
and I run my hands through
his trophies hanging down
between his legs
which leap towards love
his body is tan and sweet
loins dark as a tree
he speaks in such a hushed voice
like the soft wind blowing
I wind and unwind
my legs around him
as if I could hold
him to me forever
in my dream
My scent of Jontue
rises to meet his senses
my eyes fish for his
and my mouth reaches
for the taste of him
while he makes love to me
in the moonlight
of my dreams
yes, I dreamed of you again
.... last night.