Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My life unfolding

As I sit across from people I used to work with daily, I see them with new eyes, and a renewed heart. I have released the past and any anxieties, angers, frustrations that were a part of that existence. I can only wish them God speed on wherever their path takes them for I know it no longer my own.

I feel a divorce of the emotions I once felt. I see the stress that still controls their posture and I relax into myself and feel at peace in God. I thank him for the reminders of what once was so that I may have a greater gratitude for what now is and the tomorrows that are yet to be revealed.

Life is an unfolding and when we release what no longer is, we allow ourselves and our future to begin again. To experience a sense of what can be. There is no going back, only a forward path leading to new experiences.

I feel no regrets, only a new anticipation and a freedom of spirit as I leave behind my past and close the door. I have looked upon an existence I can no longer relate to or have any desire to do so. I am a survivor and I will treasure the knowledge I have gained from that part of my journey and the spiritual strength it has enabled me to increase ten-fold.

The hope it has instilled in my heart, and the faith that I walk with the angels in attendance and a little nearer my God to thee. I can see their confusion when I don't react as if I've lost something, and I can tell they just don't get it when I smile an uplifted smile of joyful relief and release as I leave.

God is with me. Life has never been so uncertain or so beautiful. My vision has never been clearer. I have never had more control than when I gave up control to walk in the shadows cast by God to a greater freedom in the future and a blessed sense of peace in the now.