Tuesday, October 27, 2015

All there is is love

In order to love others we must first love ourselves. For loving requires that we must first feel love. The truth is we are all worthy of self love for we are all images of the divine living in the perception of earthly reality.

We came here precisely to experience what love is. Trust in your spirit that knows you as part of all-that-I-am. Created and creator combined. We create what we choose to believe, we create our opportunities in order to experience emotional interaction, we create choices and our ability to change.

Believe in all the possibilities that you are. Open your heart to greater self love and accept the you that is unique to the world. You are not what you do, what you have, but who you are. You are a child of God.

Our happiness comes from our inner tranquility and all knowing. Our joy is not our possessions of things but stems from our self love. There can never be enough "things" to create that love if it does not already exist.

Unworthiness is a lie of the ego judging self by past experiences which are illusions of life. This is only fear speaking. Self-doubt is love's opponent. There is no truth in it. Life is a spiritual journey of love. We travel it without knowing the outcome.

Expectations are unrealistic and limiting. God has the ability to provide for us on a grander scale than we could ever imagine. No matter what it seems to us when we practice self love, rely on God's will. He brings into manifestation an abundance that we never dreamed possible and a synchronicity that leaves us in awe.

God always works toward higher good because all-that-is is love in its purest form. Thank God!