Monday, October 12, 2015

Guilt and Fear

Do not give in to guilt for it is negative, unrealistic, destructive, and also useless. Accept responsibility and go on. Guilt blinds and suffocates us and leaves us feeling alone with seemingly no escape.

There is not punishment in God or in the universe. God is love, pure and simple, and we all have the God light within us. We are all special in our uniqueness as we all came here to contribute what no one else can to this world.

Fear is the distrust of eternal love. It is a disbelief in yourself. It is the most powerful of doors that closes off the word and the light of God. Listen to your heart. What are you afraid of? You must challenge fear with eyes open, heart open, and with courage.

Fear is only an empty room. Fear is only as strong as your avoidance of it. The greater your reluctance to face your fears, to accept and embrace them, the more power you allow it. Fear is the unknown. It is not reality.

It is not a matter of destroying fear but of seeing it as the less powerful force than love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. You are safe. You are infinitely safe. There is often, a feeling of non-worth, of limitation at times of hopelessness and futility.

It is then that we cling to our fears, thinking this is where I'm safe, this is where I'm going to stay, and that is the greatest illusion. Be comforted and walk within your life in light and trust and in full awareness for nothing will come to you that is not meant to be.

All of this life's experiences enhance your awareness and serves your soul's growth. When we learn to live in joy, we learn to celebrate life and God.