Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Heavens Roar

It's only mid-afternoon on a storm-filled day, and the hills are already backlit with an ever deepening pink glow as if days-end has come early so that either the storm ends or begins an ever increasing round more boldly.

The sound of thunder continues to rumble breaking the silence here in God's country. The air is fresh, clean, and filled with the smell of wet pine. The animals have retreated to the trees, burrows, nests, and other sources of lodging.

It seems deserted without their presence, they are such a part of the world up here, and a constant source of amusement with their antics, like the squirrels, and an awe to behold with their regal beauty, as are the deer.

It seems as if I am alone outdoors as the neighbors too are behind closed doors. The garden will not need to be hand watered for a few days at least. I am just grateful the heavy rain and hail have not returned as it eroded deep channels in the hills displacing dirt and rocks in an abundance.

I am still concerned how best to create a proper drainage to channel rain and melting snow away from my house in the months to come. I'm sure some of the seeds newly planted have washed down hill to reappear in the spring in surprising new places.

The sunflowers whose blossoms normally follow the sun look up in confusion seeking in vain  that golden orb well hidden behind the clouds. The birds themselves are quiet. Not even the hummingbirds have appeared to make the rounds of the multitude of flowers.

I feel as if there is a pause as we wait to see what mother nature has in store for the day. The air is electric and I feel both energized and at peace. So much is revealed when you take time to be still and just be at one with all that is.

I feel so blessed to live in such beauty. The kitties are perched in the windows keeping track of the world. They like sitting on the fan as if they can see further from that perch, and possibly they can. Lord knows there's so much to see, feel, and experience.