Wednesday, October 28, 2015


You can make your home a thing of beauty when you create it with love, free of the tarnished outer reality that exists. The same is true of your heart and the spirit-self. Bring in only what revitalize you, that makes you shine and reflects your true beliefs.

The physical, material things are not of importance but what truly touches you and your spirit, whether it be a branch washed to shore by the sea, a rose in bloom, a collection of angels, or the warmth of old glass and hurricane lamps, it reflects your true self.

It is not what we have but what we do with it that counts. No more, and no less. Create a place of consciousness that displays your love of nature and beauty, of God's creation. I know it will be a place of light and warmth for that is who you are, and it will welcome not only you but others as well.

We honor who we are when our home reflects our inner selves, the seeds of growth that have been planted in our life. A home does not just happen, it is created with love, patience, and time. I'm sure it will be surrounded by the beauty of nature and celebrated in your love of the earth and planting and growing things.

Once you have found it I know you will plant your feet firmly there and make it a haven of all the beauty you have and love. It is a wonderful thing to have the fulfillment of your own home and a joy of creation to fill it.

You have a free passage to fulfill your dream and create a whole different world free of crowding, smog, and a landlord's control. You are free to inhabit where it is you feel drawn and to make it your own, your very own home.