Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Touched Truth

When we seek God we find ourselves in glorious awareness. With Him we know we are never alone for He takes our hand and raises us up and we are filled with rapture so pure we feel reborn. There is no worry within God, nothing troubles the spirit, there is only tranquility, harmony, peace, and Love.

More love than we felt the power to experience and more awareness. The trees are more majestic, the breeze more caressing, the sun radiates healing power, and all is right with the world. I have learned what it is to feel gratitude in a richer abundance.

To be grateful for so many things unnoticed before. Even the flowers seem to speak now, as they lift up their faces to God. All of nature is on the same wavelength. I am aware of some cosmic existence that I never knew before, of rainbow lights and sun streams surrounding me in a silent communication and acknowledgment.

Discs of light approaching and a feeling of anticipation of change, a new awareness that never existed, a new dimension, and a loss of time. I feel as if I'm enraptured, healed, and changed deep inside, where the soul of me exists.

Surrounded by angels in ever increasing numbers. I watch the sunset and feel a change, a difference somehow taking place, my heart within knows this. I've touched truth.