Saturday, January 7, 2017

Reach Out

Faith is like a flower bud, it starts out small and closed and slowly grows and takes on color and gradually as it enlarges it opens to the world in glorious array, displaying its face for all the world to see.

As the mustard seed, it is dressed in God's fiery clothed in beauty. It bends and sways with the winds, but its roots are deep. It succors the need with its pollen, which is as food to the birds, bees, and butterflies, who come to seek nourishment.

So too does faith feed the multitudes, and in abundance, their needs are met. For he who believes in the Lord is sheltered in His love. God's blessings are everywhere we look in appreciation with open eyes and hearts.

The birds sing of His glory, listen to their songs of praise. Know that you are never alone with God. He surrounds you with loving angels who's charge is your loving care. Be at peace knowing you are watched over day and night.

In loving brotherhood share in joy the blessings you receive. Reach out to one another in love and peace and brotherhood. We are all as one in God's eyes, children created in His loving image. As birds and flowers come in a myriad of color, so too do the children of God.

And as the animals, He created us both male and female that we may be fruitful and flourish, and in love be a neighborhood, living side by side, in peacefulness, recognizing that we are as on in the eyes of God.

Put aside any ill feelings toward one another, but open your homes and hearts in welcome and love. For he who welcomes his brothers and sisters welcomes God in his home as well. Does not the sun shine down on one and all?

Does not the rain too equally touch all of us? So too does the wind caress. Nature knows no one a stranger to her blessings, so too are we commanded to treat all alike in our hearts, our souls, and our minds.

Faith is a gift for all as we are on in God's house. Share in the abundance of the Lord, in prayer reach out, love all, seek peace in all things and you will be blessed.