Thursday, January 26, 2017

A thing of beauty

Just be, for a time. At one with nature. This too can be a form of meditation, this just being. Feel the energy of all life calling to us, filling us, enlightening us. With love and faith.

The path sometimes is not seeking, but silence. Here is our soul, breathing in life. God calls to us in the birds, listen. This too is nourishment, growth.

A quieting of the mind so that we can know and appreciate all life. My garden is a gift to this life, a quiet sanctuary for me and nature.

Its blooms are gifts for me and the hummingbird, bees, and butterflies. It is small but blessed and in it I am allowed to become a part of all nature and at the same time, a caretaker.

In it I am accepted as part of the living earth, in abundance in search of the depths of my soul. Love and peace and joy are my companions and all life is a thing of beauty.