Monday, November 18, 2013

Celebrate Life

Take time to celebrate life. Your's, your loved ones, friends and family. Spend time together in joy. Quality time need not be an expense. A simple walk admiring the beauty around you is enough.

Invite others to accompany you on a drive or just window shopping. Keep love alive through frequent communication. If we love someone, they are worth the time.

There is nothing that can replace the sound of their voice. But also write out your adventures, your love and share your life on paper. Letters and cards are treasures we can read and reread and little gift surprises can make our day.

They may not be expensive, but they say I care. Send photos, especially ones with a smile. They gladden the heart. And pictures of events and travels share where you've been and what you're doing.

For your birthday plant a tree that you may see it grow in coming years. Plant bulbs and flowers as it is a celebration of new life, new growth and the beauty of creation.

To care for a litter of kittens or puppies is to share the birth and growth process of the heart. For they certainly win ours with their wonder at everything they encounter, their first clumsy steps, their playfulness with each other, their licks and laps, their purrs and barks.

Of course nothing celebrates life more profoundly than giving birth to your own child or the joy of watching them grow and to share in their accomplishments. Of teaching and learning but most importantly, of loving.

Of drying tears, sharing laughter. Time together is precious. Don't waste it while you are waiting for better opportunities. True friends are precious gifts that enhance our lives with their presence, giving, and sharing.

Each day is a new beginning, a reason to celebrate and give thanks.