Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Honor your life

Honor yourself by keeping your home in order, your finances in order, and your life in order. Pay your debts in a timely manner, affirming your belief in God's abundance.

Keep your home as if a guest may appear at any time for you never know when angels will call unawares. Honor all aspects of self: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Be moderate in all things that your health is not compromised. Be cleanly in all things. Walking not only is good exercise but a chance to enjoy the beauty of the universe.

Breathe deeply, admire the flowers, trees, listen to the birds, notice the rabbits that come out at dusk, the night owls that hoot. Be at peace. Take time to read to expand your mind.

Take time to meditate, to pray, to be whole in spirit. When preparing food make not only wholesome, but attractive meals. Even if you're dining alone. Eat at the table on china, add flowers to the table.

Never forget to give thanks for what you receive and to end your day being grateful for the blessings of that day. There are always, at least, five things to be grateful for.

Recognize your gifts which are blessings from God and honor those talents by using them to His great good. Waste not your life in idleness, gossip, bigotry, or negativity, but practice a life of loving and giving and following the spiritual path.

Do not be in fear for your Heavenly Father is always near and will provide for you. Practice faith, knowing and trusting in the Lord. Treat others with the kindness that you wish to receive yourself.

Smile often, it's a gift you can give freely to all who pass your way. Honor your relationships with friends and family for what you give, you also receive.

Everything in the universe is God's creation, honor its existence. Walk with the angels and be at peace.