Thursday, November 14, 2013

Star in your life

Stop making heroes of hulks, of glamorizing violence. Be conscious in your life and teach consciousness and responsibility to those around your. Cause and effect. Teach joy and faith. Praise accomplishment.

Learn self fulfillment and love. Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. Find the good in others. Be grateful in all things and look for the blessings, not the misfortunes. Ask for help, especially spiritual guidance, for the divine is always listening and waiting for our call.

Look for your true purpose, not an easy out. We are the artists of our life, create it with care. See the beauty in small things around you. Be aware and in awe of the very miracles of life itself.

Take time to reflect. Make each day a new discovery. See the beauty and self-worth in who you are, a unique individual created to achieve a purpose that only your can attain.

Consider your growth, education, goals as a personal investment. You are an asset to the world around you, discover your attributes God has given you.

Take time to be quiet and go within. To seek the spiritual in the universal. Discover what you love in life what you do well. What are the gifts you have been given?

Let God in your heart that you may grow. Open your mind that you may better see. Live your life making each day count. Take time to commune with nature and to truly see, in full awareness, how God provides for all his creation, and that there is a place for everything in life.

It is not the dramas that make life what it is, but the small everyday joys that create an abundance of blessings. Make your world a thing of beauty and you will be the star.