Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sometimes we're helpless to help

There are times when we feel helpless and frustrated, especially when a loved one a friend is struggling with an addiction, in an abusive relationship or is unfairly treated at work or home.

When our children are small we can lead and guide them, but when they are grown we cannot make them follow where they refuse to go, even if it's for their own good or for the best outcome.

We can only be prepared to be there if they reach out and to pray for their welfare. Oftentimes they are aware that they are on a downward spiral, that their behavior is self destructive, and yet choose (not always consciously) to continue in the same vein.

You cannot protect them from themselves. Oh, if you are near you can take the keys away, but you may not always be there. Ask their angels to watch over, not only them, but those they encounter along the way.

Pray that others will intervene when you cannot. And pray to God to show them the way and that they may open their heart to follow.

Sometimes we have to pray for that bottom they're supposed to hit that they may climb up out of it. It may be hard to pray for someone to fail so that they may eventually win, but at times it is the necessity. Put it in God's hand and in the hands of the angels.

For we ourselves cannot always accompany them to the depths that they are going. And we need but realize, no one ever travels the road of life alone. We have free will, and free won'ts as well. The best and truest will is allowing the will of God and accepting the better outcome than we would choose for ourselves.

Do not be an enabler, do not abet destructive behavior. At times we are required to be silent lest we drive loved ones away. Know always when you stand with God He will send you guides and all will be well.