Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Life is an adventure

You are in the discovery zone, here to find your spirit and your purpose. You have your lifetime to fulfill it. Each step along the way is important in your search. Travel with loving care.

Examine each new find as a clue in your development. As a step along the way to who you are to become. A constantly evolving process. Each day is important along the way. Live it fully, consciously, joyfully.

Nothing is common, least of all ourselves. No two things are exactly alike. Find the uniqueness in your world around you and in yourself. You truly are one-of-a-kind, as is your purpose.

You are here to do an errand for God that He chose no one else, but you, to do. How special that makes each of us. And all we pass along the way in life will somehow be affected by our journey.

Even the slightest encounter can be important for we know not the difference we may make in another's life. Always be your best authentic self. The you that no one else can be.

Make your choices consciously for they cause ripples in the universe of life. Keep a journal if you choose. It can be a road map of your journey of spiritual enlightenment. You are the documentarian and it is your personal adventure.

You are the featured player. All others are supportive players, bit players or perhaps for a time co-stars. You may be the producer and director, but the Divine is the screen writer and the casting coach. But most importantly, the creator.

Be aware of the synchronicity in life, it may be a cue or a clue. No one can ever upstage us and the unknown is but the next act waiting to be played.

Be ready for act two be releasing the baggage of the past production that we may create anew, unburdened, a continuing development of the self we are here to be, true to our purpose.