Sunday, November 3, 2013

God's gift of today

Today is a day of God's love and of spiritual sharing. It is a journey of and by the spirit to ground me in my beliefs and to reawaken my appreciation of the wonders of the divine all around me.

I see God in the freshness after the rain and in the clouds overhead. I see God in my interaction with others and our ability to speak of the spirit to each other and to be our authentic selves with no fear of censure. To open up and left the Divine in.

I see God in the birds bathing and in the flowers blooming. I see God's hand in each archway, hallway and path that I travel on, through and around.

I feel God in my eyes, making me see more clearly. In my mind, making me more conscious and in my heart that I am not only open to the experience but to all those I meet along the way.

I feel God in the blessing of food and drink we partake of. It feeds not just the body but the spirit and is a blessing to be shared with friends.

I feel God in my thought and prayers that are filled with love and concern for family and friends. I feel God in the gift of time and of this day.

I hear God in the sound of the sea and the waves breaking and in the laughter of children. I find God in each shell along the beach and I gather them like blessings to keep and to share.

I know God in each pain I feel and I am reminded of His Son's suffering for us. And I offer up my small discomfort for all those who are in torment, are persecuted and especially for those who are lost and don't believe.

I experience God in the greater awareness He has given me and in the divine blessings of this day. I bless God in gratitude for all the gifts He has bestowed including the traffic that moves safely and smoothly taking us back to our homes and those waiting for our return.

God I walked with you today and I am refreshed.