Saturday, November 2, 2013

Guide my path Lord

Dear God guide my path today and in all that I do and wherever I go be with me for this day. Some days are more of a struggle than others and at other times we can create a crisis in our own minds before leaving our beds. I don't want to do that God.

So I place the outcome of all things in your hands today. For I know you send us angels to guide us against misfortune. To protect us in our journeys and to whisper encouragement in our ears.

Let me have no negative thought but hold onto faith. For faith is our belief in a higher power. That power is the divine. We have free will, to make the choice to walk with God at all times and especially when we feel alone and troubled.

I am grateful for this spiritual time-out you have bestowed on me, dear Lord. That I have time to reassess my life, my path, my heart and my spirit. To look up and ask "am I serving my right purpose", or did I detour on the way? What am I here to do?

Show me the way Lord. Fill my path and heart with joy that I might bring your light to others. Use my talents to serve your greater good. Let not my will but divine will take charge this day.

Be there with me when I meditate, within my thoughts, when I pray and when I play. Give me a sense of humor today, God, that I don't take life too seriously.

Let me be aware of the hand of God in all I see, the dark clouds overhead filled with an abundance of rain. The damp smell of the earth, the flowers freshly showered.

It is a rebirth and a blessing from on high. Guide me on the road today and in my interactions with all who I encounter along my path.

Bathe me in your light. Put joy in my heart and peace in my spirit. Walk with me today. Point out the many blessings that enhance the way. Be my umbrellas and my guide for this do I pray.