Friday, February 12, 2016

Can't be bought

Most of my life I thought I wanted money. I believed if I had money to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it, I would be deliriously happy and free. It took a while, but I realized it was not the money that I actually wanted. My true desire was for the freedom I thought the money would bring.

If you are not totally free, ask yourself why. Because we paint ourselves into boxes that determine what we will allow ourselves to do based on our race, gender, age, and the external expectations that we believe those boxes impart.

Do we choose for ourselves that which we truly desire? We do not. We allow labels and expectations to keep us in our boxes, then we cry for freedom. The entire purpose of life is to be free, exercise our free will, and choose how to enjoy our freedom.

Yet, we spend most of our lives doing things and acquiring that that keep us in mental, physical, and emotional bondage. Freedom is a state of mind. It is the outgrowth of our willingness to make conscious choices of our own free will, to live through the consequences of our choices without blame, shame, or guilt. To grow in spirit.

Freedom is a sign of self-awareness and self-respect. When you are aware of what it takes to maintain your mental, emotional, and physical well-being, and you make conscious choices towards that goal, you are exercising your freedom.

Freedom is the recognition of the truth. The truth is that the genes of the One who created the universe are at the core of our being. You are powerful, you are unlimited, you are the reflection of creative genius.

When you realize this truth and accept it you know that you are free to choose whatever you believe to be the truest reflection of your identity. Freedom requires constant acts of courage. You must be courages to admit that all things are possible and that you are equipped to handle them.

When you are willing to demonstrate this degree of courage and take a risk knowing that, whatever happens, you will land in the exact place where you should, you become totally and unequivocally free.

Freedom is a state of mind! What you believe, how you feel, what you do, how you respond to any given circumstance at any given time is the only impediment to freedom. You are always free to choose how you will respond. You are always free to choose what you will do and not do.

You are always free to try something new, to take a risk, to challenge the status quo, and to change your mind. That is what freedom is about. It is not your bank account or level of education. Those things may help you experience a greater freedom of movement and accomplishment. They do not determine whether you are free or not.

Are you courageous enough to live the truth of your desires without fear? This is what will determine your freedom. Once you decide what you want and whether you are willing to do what it takes to get it, you are free to follow your dreams.

More important, once you are clear about the experience you want to have, you are free to make the choices that will result in your having that experience.

It order to be free you must be clear about exactly what it is you want and be open to any and all possible means of acquiring what you want. Given it is righteous and good.

I discovered evidence of conflict in my search to be free. I think this is true for most of us. The things we think will give us freedom will actually keep us in bondage.

I wanted things I thought would make me feel better about myself. I was mature enough to examine and peel away any behavior, attitude, or belief that was limiting or restrictive. Though I was still struggling.

It was then that I took off my people-pleasing cape. I found freedom about that same time that I developed the courage and the presence of mind to say no without feeling guilty.

The immediate outgrowth of my newfound freedom was the ability to ask for what I wanted. This was enhanced by the willingness to ask someone else if the first person said no. My sense of personal freedom increased at the same pace as my willingness to do what felt right to me, even when people said I was crazy.

My freedom also kept pace with my willingness to face the things I feared most. If you can admit you are afraid and keep moving, you will be released from the fear. Freedom from guilt, false responsibilities, and the need to be legitimized by others opens your mind to new choices, new opportunities, and amazing possibilities.

When I realized that God, the divine source of life, not people, was the source and substance of all good things, I was freed from every "isim" that held me captive.

I discovered freedom as an inherent part of my life the day I stopped telling God what I wanted and asked how I could be of service to God. Shortly thereafter, the guidance came, the self-trust deepened, and the gates of my mental, emotional, and spiritual prison flew open.

There is something very freeing about knowing that God believes in you. God's grace is freedom. God's perfect and divine plan for my life will set me free. Freedom is my divine birthright. Freedom is a state of mind. I am always free to choose. My free will is the foundation of my freedom. I am free to ask for what I want. Freedom is an experience that money cannot buy.