Monday, February 29, 2016

End of February

The moon lit up the sky last night and there proved to be no storm forthcoming. The stars glittered and winked as if sharing a small joke with me and I smiled in return. Today has arrived with clear deep blue skies, a lack of clouds, and grateful birds chattering and singing of their own joy.

I caught the squirrels raiding not only the bird feeder on the front deck, but the one hanging in the tree as well. Formerly they left this one alone, but once they learn how to grab and tilt one, none of the rest are safe except the feeder hanging from the eaves they haven't been able to breach.

It's hard to believe this is the end of February already. I have been so busy keeping winter at bay, shoveling snow, feeding the hungry birds and squirrels, and working around the house that is has come and gone with a winter roar, and yet barely a whisper.

Tomorrow we will see March in, will it start like a lion or a lamb? I plan on letting nature show me more of the wonders that God has created.