Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stand Back

I have been rethinking my blessings of this past year, the ending of one chapter in my life, and a whole new world that has been given to me. I have achieved closure in some areas, and a new door has opened to me.

I have been transported from being enclosed to the wide open spaces and the beauty of God's country, nature. I know that God answers our prayers and meets our needs, not in the limited way it is our nature to believe, but in a greater, fuller, richer way than we could imagine possible.

I wanted space and God gave me a home in the mountains with an endless expanse of sky, great forested areas, and a view for miles that is breathtaking. Where I formerly felt suppressed, I now feel serene and expansive.

God wants more for us than we possibly could ask for ourselves. When you ask and pray you'd better stand back, for the answers will come.