Monday, February 22, 2016


Forgiveness is so hard for us to accomplish, at times, because we do not want to let go of being a victim, of holding a grudge, of being right, of recognizing the fear in the situation. When we hold on to all these things we are acting in fear ourselves; of letting go, of releasing, of the uncertainty of the outcome.

When we put it in God's hands the outcome will always be for the highest good, we ourselves will be at peace, the mind's chaos will be quieted and we will have silenced the fear with forgiveness and trust in God. It is an illumination of the spirit. Fear is a product of the ego. It has no place in our spiritual life.

It is futile anyway, for we are not in control of life's events, only our reactions to them. Forgiveness is a form of emotional release. It's between you and God. Once you evaluate the truth of the situation it is easier to forgive.

We get so caught up in the process of life we forget that these are petty issues in the greater universal process of life itself. Forgiveness makes room for divine blessings in abundance and expands our mind and spirit.

There are spiritual laws of the divine that benefit us, and what we believe is reflected back to us. If we believe we can influence our environment with a positive attitude, a loving outlook, a sense of peacefulness and order then that is what we will create in our life.

If we can forgive ourselves for our negative reaction, we can forgive others for their chaos that caused it. For we always have a choice of how we choose to respond. God, in His wisdom, gave us that power.

Innocence is visible, we do not need to defend ourselves, just be willing to forgive the misjudgement of others.