Friday, December 2, 2016

Finding Patience

Through my consciousness of my God-Self, the Christ within, as my source, I draw into my mind and feeling that nature is the very substance of the Lord's spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the presence of God within me, and all around me in beauty and wonder.

Thus, we must learn patience and in order to do this we must slow ourselves and our minds to be fully aware in every moment of every day. To be connected, plugged in, to nature, to the universe.

To be a participant, as well as an observer, active in our own lives. To not give time away unnoticed. To be aware of cause and effect in our lives and to remember to pause when we are rushing inattentively.

Patience is a conscious gratitude for the gifts we are blessed with each day in abundance. We forget to take the time to open our eyes to nature and the beauty around us. Instead, we are always rushing and hurrying to somewhere else.

Patience is actively listening to our inner selves, to others, to the sights and sounds around us, to be alive in each moment. Even the birds lose their fear and come up close to you when you sit quietly in patience. You become a part of their world in acceptance.

What is the hurry man feels to rush through his life for to rush is not to feel or experience or appreciate, only to live blindly in the moment? Yes, there are things to accomplish, but be aware of what you are accomplishing by actively doing one thing at a time, in full awareness.

And when you pause, relax your breathing, open your eyes, silence the mind's racing and take notice of the world around you. Do not shut yourself away in dark rooms mesmerized by television, but blend with the world, the mind cannot expand in this environment or atmosphere.

Where is life but all around you? To find patience you must go within and quiet the racing mind to find the soul. Ask the angels to help you, listen to soothing music or seek nature and listen to the gentle waters, soft breezes, whispering grasses.

Hear the frogs and the crickets, the rustle of unseen animals in the bushes and listen to the silence and the peace and there you will find patience.

How can we find our path, our purpose if we never find the time to slow down and notice it but rush right by instead? We are so hypnotized by the toys we created, we are not even aware of the beautiful world we live in. Patience is turning off and tuning in.