Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Empower the truth

How has it been growing up with such an unconventional mother? I have always fostered personal freedom of expression for myself, my friends, and my children. To reflect our true inner selves, to discover new insights, to live our creativity, and not be afraid of expressing who we are.

I know some people feel threatened by differences, better known as diversity. I know some people think that those of us who believe in angels (better said: "know" there are angels) are unconventional because of our belief and knowledge in the supernatural.

I gave up the idea of popularity a long time ago and get more satisfaction out of "liking myself" and "self-love". If you're not truly yourself people won't like you anyway. Fortunately, I find myself an abundance of good friends, so I am doubly blessed. I get to be myself and I am liked by others for it.

I don't think I'll ever be bound by customs or conventions that are not my own. Expectations and belief are the sculptors of reality (our reality). Whatever we expect will be our experience. If we expect recovery to be hard, painful, and lifelong, that is what life will give us.

But I learned in childhood we create our own truths, and oftentimes, they are completely contrary to doctor's opinions and general knowledge. I was taught to silence expectations and to go on and do what you have to do.

When the doctors told my father he would never walk or work again he never accepted that as "his" reality, and therefore it wasn't. The doctors were amazed, but he wasn't. He could never have visualized himself as less than whole and productive.

We can never let other people's expectations trap or bind us. We create our own truths and the mind is a very powerful commodity. The bottom line is to be true to ourselves. Logic is just a process of thinking, trying to encapsulate life with mental limits.

I don't really believe there are any, we are our own truths and perceptions. I refuse to live down to anyone's expectations. When you cease expecting you gain all things.Don't explain, don't accept others' imposed beliefs.

There is no such thing as should. Go ahead and do the unexpected and expect the unexpected. Express yourself. Abundance is another reality we create in our mind. Abundance is, we just need to release the negative thoughts so that we can empower the truth of its existence, and thus live abundantly free.