Monday, December 12, 2016

Road to Change

Truth is the road to change. Truth is what we should seek. We must fully acknowledge this higher seeking, and be not afraid, but instead, put ourselves in the hands of the Father. We have always been part of His great plans.

We've been too busy to realize this. Our lives filled with trivia, too distracted to truly listen. Oh, but the world becomes so much grander when we take the time to truly see and feel and love.

Love who you are at the moment and the whole universe opens up to possibilities we never imagined. Life itself is a miracle, and blessing, a continuous evolution, so too are we, if we but engage in our own lives.

To remain stagnant and unchanging is a loss of life fully lived, a life without accomplishment. Life is full of surprises and challenges, of new birth and beginnings, of cycles and seasons, of warmth and rain, of storms and calm.

So too is our life evolving, changing, and growing. We must not seek just the storms of busyness, but the calm of replenishing our souls, of listening to nature, of seeking inner peace.

For it is in these times of silence that we find our answers we are seeking. That we can see a new path of enlightenment, of love and peace, and enrichment that we never dreamed possible.

We are an integral part of this universe, prayer has power, and so does silence, and seeking within them is a new birth for our spirit, our journey, our soul.