Tuesday, December 20, 2016

In Awareness

Pray for everyone, pray for those who cannot pray for themselves, pray for the lost souls, pray for peace and abundance. God hears our prayers and knows our hearts and answers us. See the answers in life all around us.

Listen and hear, it is speaking to us in nature, this too is the voice and vision of the absolute. All of this is a gift, care for it. Be aware of the life all around us, and in our universe.

Peace is possible if we attain it in every heart. Go in peace and reach out in peace and love in peace and we will find the light of peace in each of us. The light grows stronger in our awareness as we make others aware.

The angels are messengers of this light and speak to our souls. Each day we need to listen more carefully, letting the awareness enter our lives. Thus we will learn to hear and know of God's message, in awareness.