Thursday, December 8, 2016


The desire for privacy is not a precious adolescent attitude or want, but an essential element that nurtures and protects us. It is okay to create and cherish privacy.

This means you can have private thoughts that no one else ever needs to know about, and private feelings you want to keep inside. Even if you want to have a private lifestyle that you share with only a few people, this is all okay.

I realize it is okay to be a private person. I give myself permission to choose who to share things with and when. Some people, having no privacy when they were growing up go to extremes with their privacy when the are adults and become secluded, almost hermits or don't know how to create their own privacy or don't think it is okay to create it.

We can create whatever level of privacy we feel appropriate in our own lives without shutting people out. We can have friends without sharing every personal thought we own or have. There are different levels of friendship or relationships, each unique, and what we choose to share with each person will be as individual as the person or relationship, it is our choice.

If you want to keep things from people, this is your right, you are not violating anyone's right to know unless the relationship is such as to violate their health or rights. There are no rules in the world that say in order to be a good friend and a good person you have to be totally open to every aspect of your life, exposed like an x-ray to everyone who comes along.

Creativity is a perfect example of expressing private thoughts. You can create a picture that has special meaning to you and no one needs to know. What others get out of your art is their own interpretation, you needn't explain every symbol or nuance.

You can write your feelings in your own private journal, using code if you choose and share only what and if you decide to and with whom. You can share your private thoughts with your angels, the gatekeepers of your soul, who desire your highest good and never tell secrets.

You are the judge of what a person needs to know and if they ask a question, and you choose not to answer, you have a right not to share, to deflect their inquiry or simply to state "I don't feel comfortable discussing that."

Ask the angels to help you, they can actually create a barrier to protect your privacy, for they shield us in many ways and respect our inner self. This day and age of sharing everything works against us and we need to fight against this trend. Privacy is sacred.