Tuesday, December 13, 2016

No Doubt

I keep my mind and thoughts off this world and instead, place my focus on God within. I acknowledge His inner presence as the only guidance I need in my life, as the substance of all things. I place my faith in this and move on my journey through life.

Yet, some days I just don't seem to feel as focused as others, as if I suffer from a weariness of heart and mind, and my concentration is dim. It is not a lack of love I am feeling or a hopelessness, but I feel lost in a fog world, and am unable to find the light in the clearing.

I guess it must be a bit of melancholy and lack of purpose. I know that God is with me and these days of unclarity are gifts too. May the winds clear my mind of the cloudiness within and bring clarity to my mind's eye.

Sometimes the news should not be heard as it makes oneself wrought with sorrow for our world and the children as they are so vulnerable to the evils that stalk the shadow world. It is despairing that ones so young are contributing to such violence.

We need more prayer against the darkness, for evil is a reality. May the angels be with us and strengthen our faith. May God dwell within every home. May the confused be drawn to the light which is the Lord.

Saint Michael, you who have battled the darkness before come to our aid against the evil forces that are rampant among us. Strengthen our resolve. Saint Gabriel carry our prayers to the Almighty for in truth he already knows our hearts, of this I have no doubt.