Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Friends are God's gift

Some meetings are part of our destiny, while others are like ships passing in the night.  More than 30 years ago while attending adult school, myself and 2 others formed a friendship.  One was destined to be my sister of choice and the other drifted away in a short time.

One of my best friends I have never met.  Almost 40 years ago I answered a request for a pen pal in a magazine.  We still write, still share our deepest thoughts, we have been close in geography a few times but fate has kept us from a face to face encounter.  And yet, it has not dimmed our friendship.

God has brought me in touch with those on a spiritual journey parallel to mine.  We listen to and encourage each other, recommend books or programs, pray together, and for many others.  Some I have known for years and yet we were never close.  Not even friends but more acquaintances, until God brought us together.

I know that all who are in my life are meant to be in my life.  Some just to flutter through and others to bond.  Each has something to teach me, or a message that will make a difference.  I try to be open to listen now, that I may better hear.  To truly be aware, that I may better see.  And to be filled with gratitude for all those who not only cross my path but those who come into my life, they are gifts from God.

When we reach out, we also teach.  When we take time to truly share our inner thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs and our soul. we connect.  It is important to remember we are examples of what we learned and what we choose to practice.  We can be a shining light of hope, of love, of faith, of giving, we must be conscious of our actions, of what we say or leave unsaid.

To open our hearts and embrace others, to be in the spirit and give generously in love is to truly be a friend.  We must always remember to acknowledge and repay the kindness we receive and always be grateful.