Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Has Come

Winter has arrived with its sense of chill in the air, clouds low hanging and filled with the promise of moisture and maybe snow upon the hills.  It is a brisk day for sure.

Time to break out the heavy socks and sweatshirts, for warm fires and hot soups.  It seems to have come suddenly, as if only last month it was summer still.

Winter is a good time for reading and thinking.  Inner thoughts seem to go with being indoors more.  Bundling up with a good book and soft music.  Hot chocolate and a cozy cat for company.

Some people seem to dread winter but I have always found it peaceful and renewing.  Long walks with warm coats and mittens, your breath steaming from the cold, your nose a little frost bitten while your spirit feels exhilarated and refreshed.

Its a time to collect pine cones and fresh branches to bring indoors.  To add the scent of fresh baked bread and cinnamon cookies.  Chestnuts and spiced cider.

Its a time to listen to choral music and to count your blessings.  For friendship, family gatherings, and rainfall.  For thoughts of family and memories.  To look through old photo albums and reminisce.  To put the bulbs away until next spring along with the inflatable pool, shorts, and tank tops.

I love to sit on on my patio still, especially when the rain is softly falling and the breeze gently blowing.  To feel a part of nature.  To watch the clouds gather and the sun set.

Winter seems almost magical.  To build a fire after you've been tramping in the snow and to huddle around it to gather warmth and to bring out the thermos to warm you inside out.

Winter is the time of holidays, of thanksgiving, of sharing, of singing and caroling.  Of Christmas lights and new year's cheer.  Children on Santa's knee, and Silent Night and Ave Maria.  Of promises to be good and a list of toys in childhood.  It always fills me with delight.  Each brisk day, or winter night.  Filling me with gratitude for all God's wonder that He bestows upon us.