Thursday, December 27, 2012

My lover the sea

The sea is my lover
he opens his arms of wet warmth and foam
and beckons me to him
calling me home
to the billowing sound of the surf and tide
to the smell of the salt air
the call of the gulls overhead
and the sand where
it meets the water
exchanging its granules for seaweed and shells
and in the stillness of a fog
the eerie sound of the bells
tolling to the boats that go by
a warning cry from the sea
the protective arms of the sea lover
keeping us safe but free
engulfing the rocks
and making them barnacled and fed on slime
baked by salty water
and changed into brine
the sea so alive with creatures
and colored by nature's hand
never the same... always changing
we cannot understand
all the mysteries he stays
this wet sea wonderland
I'm cradled and rocked
released and set free
drawn to him endlessly
my lover... the sea.