Monday, November 4, 2013

Find Yourself

To discover the mystery of our true self is a journey in itself, for as adults we've learned to project what others expect. We often hide behind we we do: wife, mother, grandmother, business woman, nurse, counselor, shopper, laundry maid, housekeeper, and on and on.

But we are more than what we do or the partnerships we are committed to and the families we tend. We get so caught up in serving others we forget ourselves and what we need to nurture our authentic self, our spirit, our inner child.

We need to take time to heal old wounds so that we may grow. We need to take time to pamper the spirit that we may blossom. We need to take time for ourselves to remember who we are and not just what needs to be done.

We need time for silent meditation to go within, to recapture our dreams and remember we too have desires. We need to take time to soak and bathe, to polish and shine, to pray and be at peace so we don't forget, we too, are a beautiful child of God.

We need to take time to play, to reconnect with our joy. To take time to read, to feed our intellect. We need to take time in nature to reconnect with the universe and the abundance of beauty God has created.

We need time to feel small, loved, protected and comforted and remember we are never alone for the divine keeps us in His loving care and is just waiting for us to seek Him.

We need time to express our gratitude daily for it opens our eyes to living instead of just doing. We need to take time for music for it feeds the soul.

We need to take time to laugh and love for that is part of our nature. It's okay to run barefoot on the beach, to climb in a swing and to try to touch the sky, for there is an imp in all of us.

Take time to plant and watch things grow for it is speaking to mother earth. Take time to find yourself, the real you is not lost, just neglected, but not forgotten.