Monday, November 4, 2013

Take time today

Time passes slowly and is gone swiftly, before we know it. Take time to recognize the gift of it, one day at a time. Do not worry for tomorrow or dwell on the mistakes of the past for this is a loss of the present and serves no good purpose.

To do our spiritual homework is an aid to growth. Do it, release it and move on. Regret is a valley of sorrow not meant to be lived in but traveled through briefly on our way to higher ground.

Like a storm that comes and wrecks havoc and then speeds on its way. Let it go and then breathe a sigh of relief that all is well. That a new day has arrived and count your blessings.

Worry will not change one thing that is destined to happen and wastes energy for what may never happen. Be of care not to draw to you negative experiences by your belief in them.

When we look for misfortune we often find it while climbing over the rubble of blessings we never noticed. We are often blinded to the daily miracles of everyday life for the lack of vision to see what is right in front of us. We didn't see the silver lining when we were concentrating on the dark clouds.

What we seek is what we find. When we remember to count our blessings each day and to be in gratitude, we begin to notice more: like the parking space that just opened up, the birds that built a nest in your hanging basket, the scent of a flower you took the time to smell.

Blessings add up to more than we imagine when we're conscious in our awareness of them. There is not a day that passes, that something happens, for us to be grateful for.

We can even be grateful for those things we don't want and didn't receive. For having our life instead of another's. For we can always find someone worse off than we, ourselves, are.

Do small things just for the joy of it. A brief walk, a few minutes out of doors, a short meditation. It brings us back to awareness and a sense of gratitude, and the gift of "this" day.