Friday, November 1, 2013

It's a new day, give thanks

Today give thanks! For God has been working in your life. He has been transforming you, preparing you, grooming you for a new life. On a new path, doing new things, meeting new people, and it is a brand new day. Give thanks!

We have been awakened from the state of unconsciously doing into the time of conscious becoming. A time to feel more alive, in greater joy and awareness. It is like being born again to a new journey. It is a time to move on, to turn a corner in your life, to see what was waiting around the bend.

There are new lessons to be learned. New territory to be explored. New discoveries, new strengths, a new course in living. It is an opportunity of greater enlightenment. The new here and now has arrived.

Let go of the past, the future is waiting. Your destiny is here, invite it in. Ask the angels to join you and the divine to guide you. Be eager. Release fear, and faith will guard your doorway letting only joy, grace, love and divine blessings to enter.

This is the other side of the mountain you've been wanting to reach. Be in gratitude, for you are there, and a new process has begun. Now that you have found your authentic self be prepared to live life more fully, to be more generous of spirit, to receive more in gratitude.

To be in abundance by recognizing life itself is a divine gift. We lack nothing, in faith, for all we need God supplies. To acknowledge the divine in our life is to know greater joy, a deeper sense of living, a serenity of spirit and a new beginning.

Life reawakened in conscious awareness. Believe in yourself, for you are God's child. Believe in divine possibilities for you have a most generous Father. Believe in a new life for you are at the gateway. Take faith by the hand and and step through to a new quest. It is not our dream come to life. It is divine reality and we are the star.