Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Slow Down

There days when we seek silence and serenity. We we slow down to be at peace. Put on some Gregorian Chants, soft music, soothing symphonies. Burn incense, or fragrant oils to clarify. Bring in some fresh flowers simply for their beauty. Read a book that you've been waiting to find the time for.

Take a solitary walk in nature. Just be. This is a time for contemplation and nurturing. Pamper yourself. Fix your favorite comfort foods. Relax. Restore. Remember. You deserve moments that honor your spirit. To be unfettered and unburdened.

All things will wait. Shut off the phone if necessary. When the soul seeks rest, honor it as you would the request of someone most dear.

Remember God loves you and did not put you here for the purpose to hurry and scurry through life. But to be conscious in it, to breathe it in awareness. To slow down that you may better see. To quiet yourself that you may take the time to know. To seek silence that you may better hear. To seek calm that you may truly feel. And in this serenity you discover a sense of being more alive than in all your hurried accomplishments.

Outdoors you actually notice the cloud's movements, the caress of a breeze, the crisp, clear fragrance of nature. Nothing is rushed but evolves. Flowers slowly open to the warmth of the day. Bees go from blossom to blossom collecting their nectar, not hurrying in their gathering.

The sun rises and takes a whole day before it sets again making its way slowly across the sky. At night it will be replaced by the moon and stars and bathe us in their golden glow. And the night creatures come out to feed and frolic.

Life is a cycle. We need not always hurry through it, but take time to let it envelop us in its great mystery and beauty. This is truly life.