Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cling to hope

We all need to cling to hope in times of helplessness. When we feel a loss of control in our lives. As if we are swimming upstream, against the tide and the debris of a lifetime is not floating past, but is churning forcefully in the waves trying to drown us in despair. To overcome us with its weight, or knock us senseless with its branches.

The purpose is not to become defeated, but to look for that outcropping we can grasp to save ourselves. That hope that is grounded in the spiritual. That seeking of divine intervention that is called faith. That in the right time all will be well. We only need to cling to that single, simple truth that God will see us through all things. That we are never alone. That angels walk with us, and that miracles happen everyday, and that they will happen to you.

Faith can and does move mountains. We are never, ever helpless as long as we reach for spiritual guidance. Look for the opportunity in the smallest grain of sand, the helping hand, each prayer we say and in each new day. Just hang on.

Never let go of that faith. It is your lifeline in the stormy waters of life. Cling to hope. It is your strength in adversity, your support when the bottom falls out, your light in the tunnel and your salvation.

We can also help ourselves by helping others. We are never helpless as long as we can give, even if all we have to give is time. Giving not only helps others, but helps us regain our sense of self. Life isn't futile, it is fruitful. Be not in fear but in faith.

Take pride in accomplishing something daily no matter how small. Each small success we accomplish is a step up out of the flood. Sometimes we need to break away to begin again, and sometimes a storm carries us downstream to do just that.