Friday, December 27, 2013

Sharing is giving

Sharing is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have. To ourselves and to those we share with. Sharing is not just a giving of an abundance of money. It can be a meal together. Sharing the events of your day. Getting to know someone and sharing the adventures of your life.

It can be experiencing something together: a movie, walk, a day at the beach or shopping. It can be a hobby you have in common with others. It can be a teaching to those who want to learn. Sharing your talent to bring joy into the lives of a few or many. It can be a laugh of mutual humor. You can pray together. Play together.

You can share with a whole group or just one other. But it is an opening up of yourself and taking an interest in others. Sharing is a reward in itself. Some accomplishments we can share long after we are gone, such as: art, music, discoveries and inventions.

Some things we share effect the growth of generations to come. Some sharing can bring devastation to the lives of many, such as unsafe sex causing disease and death. Sharing can be of information you have that can help others.

Sharing can be remembering times past or a hope and goal for the future. Sharing nowadays can be done with unlimited legions on the internet or cyberspace. People even claim to share cybersex. Sharing should be a giving to another of something we value most ourself.

Love tops the list. The angels are always willing to share with us, if we let them. The help us to gain greater spiritual knowledge that we may bring to others. They share our existence in a corresponding plane. They bring synchronicity in our lives, which shares with us what we need to know, when it is appropriate we learn it. Mostly they share God's love with us for it is He that sends them to share this life experience.