Monday, December 30, 2013

Get a Life

There are steps and lessons we'd like to skip in life but we were sent here to experience a certain journey and all the events along the way. We can choose to try to drown them, ignore them or refute them but they keep coming up in life's moments calling to us.

Sometimes in small quiet ways, a dream, an intuition, a moment of familiarity in an unknown place. At other times it can be a seismic wake up call telling us to get back on track, there are things to do, and we're wasting time.

We have a purpose to accomplish and it's time we started getting a clue. Remembering who we truly are and who sent us. At times nothing is left but our faith and as we turn to it we know a sense of peace, of spiritual growth, a revelation of life itself.

We can either get it or give up. One path helps us to climb to a higher level. The other commands a repeat performance until we get it right. Warning bells will keep going off trying to wake us to a greater purpose. To consciousness and greater joy for then we know the angels walk with us, guide us, lead us, protect us, and share the experience of life.

They will never leave us for their purpose is to be with us. When we stop struggling and let go and let God we find ourselves in an accelerated world where synchronicity is a common occurrence, where the right people, the right opportunities in the right places, at the right time, magically appear as if they were waiting in the wings for their cue.

The prompting was our new willingness. We experience a greater understanding and appreciation of our life and all life. A greater awareness and recognition. A heightened sense of reality and more blessings than we thought possible. What came before was a preparation. Now we have found the path and our true self. Life is glorious!