Friday, December 13, 2013

New beginnings

There will be endings in all our lives as each day ends, each month ends, each year too. At times what we need with an ending is closure, and that is more spiritual, more emotional than physical.

To put a chapter of our life behind us so that we may move on. For a new door cannot open until another one closes. As a new month cannot begin until the proceeding one ends.

Sometimes closure is delayed because of legalities, healing, or other obstacles that are blocking our path.Use the time for preparation. For a release of any angers, resentments, emotional pain, and any negativity that will hamper us in a new beginning.

Use the time to study, that you may grow into your new life. See time as an opportunity to expand instead of a barricade to your destiny. There is a purpose to all things. A season for all things under the sun.

The divine knows better what we need in preparation on each leg of your journey than we, ourselves do. Take time to listen to what your spirit is saying.

Remember the hardships and challenges of the past and how you succeeded in overcoming them, how much you grew through them, and how everything has contributed in developing who you are today. And know in your adversity, this too shall pass, the purpose is to grow through life's challenges. The storm that took your home, the tragedy that took a loved one, the circumstances that cost you your livelihood.

There is a "something more" to gain from the experience and oftentimes we are impressed by the courage exhibited in such times of trail. The reaching out to others, encouraging the downtrodden. I look around and wouldn't wish anyone's life by my own, for I know the diving has designed this path just for me that there are things to accomplish only I can fulfill.

Bless this path, its endings and new beginnings.