Wednesday, May 21, 2014

God sees us through

Faith will get you through.  God has lifted me during the hardest times in my life. He has planted me on a new road, shown me a new direction and has lighted my way.

When life seems darkest and out of control, the best thing we can do is put it in God's hands. Ask Him do I belong here? Whether it be a job, an abusive situation, chasing after an unrequited love, whatever it is, hand it over to God.

Trust me, He answers. Sometimes with a rapidity that shocks us. As if He has been standing on the other side of the door waiting for us to knock. Then the real work begins. To clean out the attics of our life of all the negativity, fear, resentments and pain we have needlessly been holding onto in order that God may fill us with His blessings.

Out with the old and in with the new. He gives us faith to carry on, hope in a new future, love of everything around us and within us. We accept ourselves as worthy of His unconditional love and we are filled with Joy. He gives us a peace we've never known before when we release our struggle and surrender our lives into His hands.

He gives us what we need in order to grow in the spirit, whether it be teachers, books or experience when we start counting our blessings each day, no matter how small and listing our gratitude we also realize a new attitude.

One that looks for the positive, is in greater awareness, takes time to go within and has an ongoing conversation with God. When we give up the struggle He blesses us with an abundance. He teaches us also to share, to give back that others too may know of the joy of God's love.

Giving does not deplete, but instead enriches us. God isn't limited and what we share always comes back to us ten-fold. We learn to set aside time each day for God because we want to be with Him in quiet conversation.

Thus He leads us to a new vocation, a new life with clearer conception and appreciate of all life, of the beauty of the world, and ourselves, God's creations.