Thursday, May 29, 2014

I will God's will

Your will is my will God, but I know I must stay focused and positive to accomplish whatever you lead me to do. I must be in a state of awareness in order to listen to our call. To keep my vision alive in order to see the path, for you brighten its way.

I must be open to receive and I must have faith in order to believe. You have enriched that faith in what others thought would be my darkest times. You revealed the blessings that are there in everyday life if we are willing to see.

You turned what could have been despair into joy. You made me understand that to stay on a false path was not the security I sought but an act of fear and insecurity. You are my strength and the source of my abundance.

You have shown me the power in believing and that doors will be opened to me and that the teachers in life will be provided by you that I may continue on my course. I know that what you are teaching me personally and through others will serve you.

I know that these words I write also come to my heart through you. You have quenched my thirst, increased my faith in myself and my abilities. I have learned to seek out your worlds which are more valuable than the negativity I might receive from others.

There are those who do not wish me to succeed for their own personal reasons. I have learned not to judge but to release the negativity they wish to instill in my spirit and the doubt they try to create in my heart. How can I doubt you, dear God, for you know what I need before I do.

You know what purpose I came here to do. You know my desire is not greed but to sing your praises and to use the talents you have given me. I can only spend my days in gratitude and study that I may fulfill your desire for me and to serve you.