Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Live each season of life

Be grateful for the storm and be grateful for the sun, for all life's experiences are part of our development. If all our days were peaceful without any diversity we would not be able to appreciate our blessings for we would have nothing to compare them with.

For it is when the storm is over and the sun comes out that we look up in appreciation to admire the rainbow God sent into our life. It is the storms that teach us to pause. It is best to be prepared for both.

There is beauty too in the grey, heavy clouds overhead. In a blanket of snow unmarked, as yet, by footprints. Its pristine whiteness is a wonder to behold and the trees weighed down with its abundance.

The autumn leaves signify change, a new season approaching, and a closure to summer days. Life is like that, constantly changing and our spirit evolves through it from childhood to old age. From a full house to being alone.

When the first bulbs break through the ground to greet the world above. Life comes in cycles for each of us. If we are constantly waiting for the warmth of summer we are not living in a state of awareness, and not enjoying the beauty of what is present in the now.

Don't despair for what isn't but see what is and embrace it. It is your gift of today. There is a rhythm to life like the ebb and flow of the tide. Sometimes there are soft and gentle periods, at other times the waves come crashing against the shore but underneath it all is a nourishment of the life within.

There is a time for nesting and a time to be release to make our own way. We help our children by teaching them the strength and independence to stand on their own.

We celebrate when they soar and wish them soft landings. Respect your parents, we all age. Understand that they are the sum of their experiences and we can learn much from them. They still have aspirations and joy.

Learn to sit quiet and listen. To share time and the world's beauty.