Friday, May 30, 2014

Life has purpose

There is a purpose to life. It is not to have more, make more, want more, but to serve God in the capacity we came here for. We often may not know our purpose because we are too busy doing things to ask or to hear that small inner voice trying to guide us.

We fill our time with constant busyness rushing to the market, to work, to our children's games, to parties and plays, to meetings and a million other things that take up our time.

When do we take time for God? To be quiet and go within, to put Him on our agenda so that we can understand the truth of life and the meaning to our existence?

We become so exhausted doing that we do not take time to just be. To slow down and truly see. To take time to breathe in, slowly, and in awareness, the fresh crisp air. To greet the day and God and to count our blessings.

To seek His help and understanding. To list the many reasons we have to be grateful each day. Do we really believe that constant hurry and worry is our sole purpose in life? Or are we too weary to think at all?

Take time for self that you may be spirit fully nourished. Take time to ask that you may be enlightened. Take time to listen, in solitude and quiet that you are able to hear.

Do we expect God to spend His time shouting because we have forgotten how to hear? That we have tuned out not only emotionally but spiritually as well?

Life isn't a race to the nearest finishing line. It is a beautiful gift that we should fully appreciate. God sends us messages all the time through what we see, hear in songs, in books, in a movie, everywhere we look.

He is inspiring others that His message may get through to us. All we have to do is take time, ask, seek, believe, listen, know. To understand that there is more to life than what we have made of it so far. Peace and serenity are available.

We only need take time for them. To put or life in order with God at the top of the list then all other things may fall into place.