Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Love's Butterfly Wings

Why do I call it
Love's Butterfly Wings?
Because love like the butterfly
is elusive
the harder you chase after it
the more it evades you...
when you find love
everything takes on a translucent glow
because this is how you feel
like looking through stained glass windows
when the sun is shining
or like a butterfly wing
it gives a similar effect
your world revolves around your beloved....
when you suddenly lose love
it is an unbearable loneliness
an isolation of feelings
so hurtful
you can only disbelieve the truth
that he... or she... really means goodbye
you feel bewildered
and question what you could have done wrong
and how to right it...
when you finally realize it is true
when it really sinks in
you feel betrayed
and want to strike back
or just suffer from emotional exhaustion
it's still somewhat unreal to you
and there's always
that little glimmer of hope....
when you realize even that is gone
you feel angry.... rejected
you gave so much of yourself
for what?
Since you can't fight a decided thing
which you had no part in closing
you withdraw into yourself
and reject love as an answer
and you fear losing others close to you
you become numb....
as if in limbo
all life is suspended