Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thoughts on Love

Even in the winter chill we can keep love warm in our heart and let it course the pathways of self and flowing freely onto others. Love given does not deplete us, bet enriches us.

A kind word word spoken can lift someones day. When we truly love ourselves as God's children we can see His reflection in others, not just in those well off and finely clad, but in the poorest of the poor.

God loves all His children and asks that we love them also as brothers and sisters, neighbors and friends. Treat all people with the dignity that Jesus would. A kindness give is never wasted but is passed on.

Don't just think kind thoughts and leave them unsaid, they are much more valuable expressed. Do a kindness each day without a need of recognition.

Share generously, it will come back to you in the long run. We do not walk the path of life alone but are touched daily by our encounters with others.

Live in awareness by truly seeing those you meet on life's path. Smile often. Remember to tell those that you love "I love you" when you part or end a phone conversation or for no other reason that to just express it.

We never get tired of hearing loving words. Buy yourself flowers just for the enjoyment of it. Send a card to someone you're thinking of. Lost opportunities are never regained.

Our days are what we choose to make them. Make them a joyful noise unto the Lord. Let your heart be aware of the beauty around you that your spirit may soar. Be a joy to be around not one who is full of complaints.

We can choose to see the good in life or the pitfalls. When we believe that life is abundant and beautiful, it is. If we choose to look for faults we can always find them. It is our choice.

The flowers bloom, the sun shines, and the grass grows either way. We can make sweet lemonade or suck on sour lemons, it is up to us.

Personally I like to dance in the rain and then sit in front of a fire and watch the flames. Life is filled with love from our pets to our parents. We only need open our arms to receive.