Sunday, August 3, 2014

A day of peace

God brings us the abundance and prosperity we need in our lives not things but in love, in awareness, in personal growth of the self and spirit, of being closer ourselves with Him and in serving Him on this journey in life. He teaches us how to see and appreciate the beauty of the world and of all things and to know as we follow the path He sets for us that He will provide for our needs as that we may be secure in Him and follow our destiny.

God never leaves us but helps to teach us. To set aside time each day to communicate with Him, keeps us grounded in truth and faith and makes us aware of God's deep and unconditional love. When we ask God He can heal us physically, spiritually and emotionally.

He will give us the light to show us the way and provide abundantly for us on the way. The important things in life are not things, not acquisitions, although He will provide for those too, but what we do with our lives, the difference we can make just being here.

How we touch the lives of others and fulfill our destiny. We came here to learn, to grow, to serve and to touch the hearts and souls of others along the way. God's message is always one of love and forgiveness. Let us harbor no ill will toward anyone but be at peace with ourselves and with God.

Let our walk on earth be one of awareness, to live consciously every day with God at the center of our lives. Let us find the way to inner peace by seeking the serenity that only God can give. When we interact with others let us be is loving as our Father, not looking to find fault but to be examples of His love and caring.

He helps us to live in the light instead of struggling in the darkness. God is the source of our strength. He protects us, teaches us, helps us not just to survive but to grow through the many lessons we encounter along the way. God help me to have patience today and every day. To realize it is not as important to prove I am right as it is to see the uselessness of arguing.

Let others find their own truth through you but help me to be quiet when it is time for me to be, that I may speak through example. You can teach as much in silence as you can in words, especially when you are an example of loving kindness in action. Let today be one of peace among us as we try to create and pray for peace in the world and the universe. Peace in the hearts of all men is brotherhood.