Friday, August 1, 2014

Listen, God Speaks

Let me be aware of your voice, Oh Lord. Let me take time to be silent and to listen. When God speaks He gives us only truths. When God guides us, He guides us on a path to greater purpose and service. He will provide for all our needs along the way. Have no fear for God is here.

God wants us to succeed so that we may be an example of His love. So that others may know that faith will enrich our lives and the lives of others we touch along the way. God provides the teachers and the means. He opens the doors for us to new destinys.

He lights the way for us so that we need not stumble along in darkness. He sets the table before us and provides the nourishment we need to keep going. God is in the sound of music and in the rustle of the wind. He speaks softly within as that small inner voice and at times shouts in the storm with roaring thunder if need be to get our attention.

When we don't know the answers all we need do is ask God. When we are uncertain He will show us the way. We can feel God's tears in every raindrop and the warmth of His love on a sunny day. He shows us the glory and His power in the rainbow, the sunsets, in the waves that crash against the rocks, in the majestic trees reaching toward the heavens.

There is nothing God cannot do and there is nothing we cannot accomplish through Him. He directs us to have the faith of a mustard seed and all things will be possible. He causes the sun to rise each morning and to set each evening.

When we start our day with God He smoothes the way that all else will fall in place before us. When we are anxious, He calms us. When we are troubled, He enlightens us. When we are joyful God smiles down upon us. And when we believe and have faith He rejoices in us.

God dwells not only in the world but within our spirit. We only need go within and quiet ourselves to feel His presence. We only need listen to hear Him speak. We need follow His guidance to find our way.