Thursday, August 21, 2014

you dared to be

I always, at least,
gave you the freedom
to let your hair down
and enjoy life
to be yourself
without restraint
to expose the real you
naked in its - truth
and you were beautiful
to me...
I didn't ask you to
clothe yourself
with unreal expectations
just to lie heart to heart
in freedom...
I declared you innocent
of all your faults
and turned you loose
don't put up your guard
against me...
I have no pain to cause you
speak the truth
expose the warm person
you can be
as long as it's
genuine... you
I understand
the contradictions in your nature
for mine are the same
don't misjudge
this gentleness in me
for lack of strength...
I breathe in freedom
I don't have to
prove anything
to anybody...
I know the vanity
of your manliness
the vicious meannesses
you don't really mean
for they're over
in the blink of an eye
the absurdities
of trying to prove yourself
I see beneath it all
and understand...
there is no need
to step with care
with me...
you've abused me,
used me,
neglected me,
and at times
tolerated me
but you also
loved me
so I'll keep still
it doesn't matter
I like you
and deep down
I know you still
like me...
the thought of you
has cleansed me...
you've cried in my presence
and I in yours
we've sinned together
laughed together
and underneath
I keep a special place
in my heart
just for you...
I've seen the real you
and know him
and love... you
you dared to be
with me...
isn't that friendship?
my friend...