Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Give me a fleece

Turn to God for the answers you need. God knows what is best for us to do. He reaches out to us in the darkness and brings the light. God's guidance is always available, we only need ask.

Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened to you. Those are the messages to us from God and He has blessed me with a continuing abundance. I do not know the lessons others need to learn.

When they reach out to me I can only turn to God that I may do the right thing. How can I best help them? Show me the way, Oh Lord. I do not presume that I know the answers but I know that God knows.

Synchronicity was in the air today when I read about the fleece. Gideon faced a difficult decision so he asked God for a sign. Invite God into your decisions. Pray and listen. Ask God for a fleece. We all have new lessons to learn and God is always ready to teach us.

God knows what is in our hearts and in the hearts of others. He will lead us out of the darkness. He will light the path before us. He makes all things possible and enlightens us and shows us the way. I realize how very fortunate I have been compared to some others I know.

God has given me the opportunity to help and for that I am grateful. Let me be of service to you, Oh Lord. Let me not assume I know the answers but rely on you in faith.

Let me continue to tell others of your goodness and to release their fears. To let go and let God in faith brings more answers than being locked in our fears and helpless.

God is like a lighthouse in the darkness, when we are lost His beacon shows us the way to a safe harbor. He helps us avoid the hazards and sees us safely to shore.

When I am confused He brings clarity. When I have lost my livelihood He shows me a new path. He opens the door to learning and provides the teachers. When we are ready and when we need them, they will be there. This too is God's promise. He provides all that I need.