Sunday, August 3, 2014

In Talking To God

I do not pray so much as I just talk to God. I share my thoughts, ask for guidance and thank Him for the blessing of my life and of each day. I let Him know I appreciate the beauty in the world He created and the time to enjoy it.

I do not rush through the days but try to live consciously. To be outside, even briefly rejuvenates me. The brisk air is refreshing. Nothing should come before God. He has taught me so much these past few years. How to truly see and how to listen.

How to be quiet within and still without so that even the hummingbirds come right up to me. I have learned that worry is a useless commodity and serves no purpose except to cause anxiety and sleeplessness. To have faith brings peace and to rely on God in all things brings abundance.

I no longer feel alone but instead acknowledge the presence of the Angels around me. The holy spirit within me and God everywhere. I've begun to feel that He looks forward to our conversations as much as me. For God too likes to be acknowledged.

I have no concern for tomorrows for I know they are in God's loving hands and He will guide me on the path leading me to where I need to be and doing the work that I should be doing to make a difference. He knows best where that should be and is providing the teachers I need to learn from.

Life is good indeed. All that I need is being provided for me from my loving Heavenly Father. He has opened up my eyes, my ears, and my heart. I feel as if I am a different person leading a new and more fulfilling life. I now know that life can be filled with joy and promise instead of have-tos and what-ifs that ruled my life before.

A whole new door has opened and let in the light that faith brings. My desire now is to serve God in whatever way possible. To use the gifts He has given me to bring word of God's love to others. To spread enlightenment and the joy of living that is possible when we turn to God.