Saturday, September 7, 2013

At my mourning wall

And I see you standing
at my mourning wall
protesting love's
bitter gall

I wish you better
luck than me
life cannot always be
a loveless tragedy

For I would take what security
I have and give it all
for one sweet blissful
... lover's call

Far better the struggle
the cursing and crying
than to sit stony
something dying

For when love
finally set me free
it left my lover's
heart in me

And I cannot forget
not even with another
he will always be
my absent... only lover

I hope you never
become dead like
me... living out
your mortality

Savor it... enjoy it
the good and the bad
sometimes when they've gone
that's all that you've had

And I'd go back in a moment
to all the tragedy
to spend just one more time
in his company