Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Upon awakening

Our lives were a meeting
of all of today's past echoings
of every tomorrow of our lives
a fleeting glimpse of a memory
upon awakening... somehow
there but as in a mist...
the depths of once long ago
and not quite to be recalled
dreams are only the realities
of a disappearance of time and
existence as a drop of rain
in the pools of the ocean...
forever unnoticed in the
vastness of the sea of life
and yet all the organisms necessary
to sustain a contingency of being
obscured in the interrelations
of time's foreverness... As
yesterday becomes tomorrow
today was never present...
as the snow but covers the ground
to give birth to spring
so sorrow walks slowly within
to awaken a new spiritual beginning
for all our dreams live within
what we ourselves are now...